Police Brutality

The use of excessive force by police violates state laws, federal laws, constitution rights, and the police rules as well. The police who commit these acts often go unpunished – however, you can collect money damages if you are injured by these brutal acts.

Most officers are properly trained to administer the law in an unbiased way that will not violate a citizen’s rights; however, this is not happening in all neighborhoods. Some police officers are injuring and even killing people through the use of excessive force and brutal treatment. More often than not, minorities are victims of these abuses.

Police go too far when they excessively punch, kick, beat, and shoot people who pose no threat. Injuries and sometimes death result from the police use of restraints, chemical sprays, electro-shock weapons, batons, dogs, flashlights, radios, and guns.

If you are arrested and suffered physical injuries we are dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights. Call us immediately so that we can help you prepare your case -
J. Graves Associates will only accept cases where there are physical injuries.

False Arrest

The police cannot arrest and detain you unless they have probable cause. To prevail on a false arrest claim, the victim must show that the arresting officer lacked probable cause, that is, facts sufficient to cause a reasonable person to believe that a crime had been committed.

As former prosecutors at the Manhattan and Bronx DA Offices, J. Graves Associates will assign attorneys that have established a foundation of knowledge and expertise in police procedures that enables them to build more effective strategies for obtaining money for your damages resulting from a false arrest.




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