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Our advice to anyone arrested for a crime is to exercise your right to remain silent and to be represented by an attorney.

No matter how prominent, wealthy, or celebrated; African-American and Latino men are systematically profiled and humiliation by the police just because of their race.

The surging number of African Americans in America’s jails and prisons seem to reinforce the fact that racial profiling is a reality. In New York State, 92% of the inmates convicted of drug crimes were Black and Hispanic, while the proportion of the overall population was 32 %. In comparison, 5.2 percent were white.

If you are arrested you need attorneys that will take your side and stand firm with you. More importantly, you need experienced attorneys because you can’t take a chance when the deck is already stacked against you. As former prosecutors at the Manhattan and Bronx DA Offices, our attorneys have established a foundation of knowledge and expertise that enables them to build more compelling defense strategies for our clients. This knowledge and experience provides better probabilities for a dismissal or reduction of the charges or to win a not-guilty verdict.

Given the stakes, when choosing from the many criminal defense lawyers out there, you should go for someone that you and your family can rely on—someone who will aggressively defend you no matter how serious or minor the charges. J. Graves Associates will provide you and your family the kind of personalized attention and care that you deserve and the skill of attorneys with over 50 years of combined criminal practice experience. If you are arrested, call J. Graves Associates.




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