Employment Discrimination

Employers cannot use your race, age, sex, disability, religion, national origin, color or sexual orientation as a reason to fire, demote, deny employment, deny a promotion, change your job duties, decrease your wages or benefits, decide your pay, harass you, or to evaluate your performance.

Our legal practice is devoted to representing people of color and woman who compete in the workforce each day only to face discrimination. Despite advancements toward equality, we know that you continue to be the last hired and the first fired. We understand that those that discriminate have simply found more covert ways to do so. If you face wage discrepancies; been passed over for promotions; assigned to the worst jobs; harassed by supervisors; ignored; over scrutinized; terminated, or other difficulties – call J. Graves & Associates.

What is employment discrimination and how do I know if I have a claim?

Please fill out our online Employment Discrimination Form if you believe you have been unfairly treated at your workplace and a representative will contact you.
If you believe that your employer made a decision that adversely effected your employment and you believe that the decision was made because of your race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability, then you should consult J. Graves & Associates. Further, if you feel your employer RETALIATED against you by firing or demoting you because you reported discrimination; or if you participated in a union activity; or testified in a hearing or some other forum relating to discrimination, then you should consult J. Graves & Associates.

J. Graves & Associates offers an affordable fee arrangement. If your case is selected by our attorneys we get paid only if you get paid for your economic and emotional damages.

At your initial consultation, we will help you devise a plan to document discrimination or sexual harassment prior to you leaving your employment. If you have already been terminated or resigned because of the employer’s conduct, we will help you take the required steps to initiate a lawsuit to protect your rights. Throughout your case, we will keep you informed so you are prepared throughout the process. Contact J. Graves & Associates to fight for your rights!




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Fill out our Employment Discrimination Form if you believe you have been treated unfairly at your workplace.

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