Practice Areas

Practice Areas

J. Graves Associates offers legal services beyond the complex civil rights matters that dominate our practice. It is our primary objective to provide you access to a small close knit group of attorneys who will fight for you regardless of the legal obstacles. We desire to be your personal lawyer.

Criminal Law

Important to our overall practice is the experience we bring to defending people of color, especially young men. Of counsel to J. Graves Associates are former criminal prosecutors who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to all types of criminal litigation and trial practice.

General Practice Law

J. Graves Associates and its attorneys understand a range of legal matters that relate to the day to day lives of the people they seek to serve. Our goal is for you and your family to make J. Graves Associates your personal attorney.

Entertainment Law

You need a reliable and experienced group of lawyers on your speed dial to advise you and represent you as you develop your entertainment career or business. Within the realm of entertainment law, clients might seek out J. Graves Associates to:





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