Wrongful Termination / Breach of Employment Contracts

If you have been laid off or fired recently and believe that you may have lost your job for an unlawful reason, you may have a right to bring a claim for wrongful termination against your former employer.

What Makes a Termination "Wrongful"?

The law can find that you were wrongfully terminated if your firing was in violation of an oral or written employment agreement; violation of labor laws, including collective bargaining laws; or other violations that relate to contract principles.

An employer who has not followed their own specific disciplinary and termination policies can also face a wrongful discharge civil claim. For example, if an employer has a handbook that states that employees are entitled to receive written warnings for misconduct or poor performance before they are terminated, and an employee is terminated after receiving only a verbal warning, that employee may be able to successfully bring a wrongful discharge action.

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